Video Chat

While the General Session for BlackBerry World has yet to take place, President and Co-Chief Executive Officer Research In Motion, Mike Lazaridis has been dropping plenty of details about upcoming services launching on the BlackBerry PlayBook -- stopping just short of divulging to much right away. One of the services discussed was Video Chat for the PlayBook, where Mike dropped the following on us all:

  • Video Chat is maintained in the cloud and utilizes the RIM NOC
  • Initialized from the cloud but once connected is point-to-point
  • Developers will gain access to API that will allow integration with BBM Social Platform
  • Uses BlackBerry ID to locate friends and contacts
  • Will work behind corporate and individual firewalls
  • Newly developed SIP based system acts as he controller

As noted, these are some of the behind-the scenes technical details and may not mean much to a lot of folks but looking past that and taking it for what it is -- technical info. It does show RIM has placed a lot of thought on the video feature and how best to implement it for all. Makes that wait for its release just that much worse, knowing the work that was put into it.