Blingin BlackBerry!

Sure, Lebron James has his gold ColorWare BlackBerry and I've wondered about the dynamics of a solid gold Bold and how it could really kill the device's reception but umm... How about diamonds? Think they would fare better on a device without sacrificing reception and performance? Engadget got a little hands-on time with some diamond encrusted Bolds down at Mobile World Congress which make Lebron's gold ColorWare look well, average. The Bolds come in sexy pink and pitch black stylings and boast some 328 diamonds with the bezel holding about 3 carats. Definitely not for the average consumer! If you are looking to pick one of these babies up it's gonna set ya back about $50,000 £6000 all payable to Amosu by wire transfer. But on a lighter note, it does include international concierge service in 44 cities worldwide.

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