BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha

When RIM announced that the BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha units would be handed out to BlackBerry developers, they were sure to point out that the devices themselves should not be considered a final design and for the most part, were in no way indicative of what a BlackBerry 10 device would look like. They are as the name implies -- Alpha devices, not even betas.

Last week though, when RIM started rolling out updates to the BlackBerry developer tools an image of a refined BlackBerry Dev Alpha appeared on the site labeled as "BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha B". As people started to notice it, RIM decided to remove the image from the server making it no longer viewable to the public. Realistically, it was likely nothing more then a placeholder image and rather than letting folks speculate over it, RIM just took it down.

With all that into account, it didn't stop those still curious from asking questions. One of those folks was @NerdBoss514 who further inquired with the BlackBerryDev twitter account as to whether or not there would be different versions of the Dev Alpha available eventually. In response, the BlackBerryDev team did advise that some revisions would be coming to the device, and that some of the components such as the SIM card location would be moved around.

Of course, that doesn't imply we'll ever see a BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha B as it was shown but it does confirm some developers will end up with a different variation of the BlackBerry Dev Alpha, as it is known right now. Seems like the BlackBerry Dev Alpha units could become collectibles of sorts. The original, white version and now a revised version. Makes me wonder what RIM will do with them when developers turn them all in for a final BlackBerry 10 Special Edition Dev version. That raises the question of what those devices will look like.