BlackBerry Z10 at Solavei

Solavei, an independent no-contract service provider in the U.S., has recently dropped the price of their BlackBerry Z10  for the bleeding edge early adopters out there. Americans that just couldn't wait for the BlackBerry Z10 may have already taken a bite at Solavei's offer, while many others likely weren't able to stomach the original $999 pricetag. Well, maybe $689 is more your speed. 

Most folks are likely willing to wait until next week when the Z10 launches on AT&T, complete with subsidy, but for those that are going to be buying their device outright anyway, you might as well get a week of bragging rights in the process. Interested? You can get started on ordering a BlackBerry Z10 from Solavei here. You can get a plan that's $49/month for unlimited calling, texting and data. Sounds a little too good to be true, eh? Any takers? How many of you Americans already have a BlackBerry Z10 early? Where did you pick it up?