I'm pretty sure you're looking at the first of what will become a trend in BlackBerry themes... themes that automatically rotate wallpapers!

Bplay has just released their new Solar Slideshow theme for the BlackBerry and it is pretty cool. In this theme, 10 images combined of the sun and nine planets in the solar system rotate on your screen's background. The image changes once per 30 minutes, so your device will continually look fresh with stunning celestial imagery.

Solar Slideshow is available from Bplay for $5.99. Still no theme love from RIM yet for the Storm or Curve 8900. Have patience... hopefully the new Plazmic CDK will be released to developers soon! They better... I'd hate to see a "WE WANT STORM THEMES" rally outside RIM's headquarters in Waterloo take life! But if it does, I'll be there holding one of the picket signs!