Ascendo Photos 3.0For those of you that have picked up Ascendo Photos from, you'll want to check out the new version. 3.27 brings more features that are rumored to put the built-in media manager on your Berry to shame.

You can now save and store image on an SD card and even play audio during a slideshow. 

The features of Ascendo Photos are too many to list. You can check out a full feature list here.

The official promo line from Ascendo:

Are you looking for a better way to manage photos of your family, friends, vacations, pets and wallpapers on your BlackBerry? Ascendo Photos allows you to discover, edit and transfer images from your desktop over a data cable or via Bluetooth. Once transferred to you BlackBerry, you can set background images, display slide shows, create screen savers, set up galleries, view thumbnails, send images by email and lots more.

As with most software at you can download a free trial to test it out for yourself. If you want to pick it up, you can grab a copy for $29.95.

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