In my quest to find a handy spell-checking software for my berry, I decided to try out Empower InstaSpell from EI Devices.

InstaSpell installs easily OTA (over the air). Within minutes I had the software installed successfully. Once the InstaSpell application itself is installed, make sure you go ahead and install a dictionary. Do it in this order as well... InstaSpell, THEN the dictionary. InstaSpell won't work unless it has a dictionary to work from! Downloading the dictionary takes a little bit longer than the actual program install... I suppose the English language has a lot of words or something? :) Of course, the dictionary install is OTA as well. (You'll see 'Install Dictionary' as an option on the OTA download page.)

You will want to check your options after the program and dictionary is installed. Click on the Empower InstaSpell icon to take you to InstaSpell options. Make sure 'Enable On-The-Fly Spell Check', and 'In Mail: Enable Highlighting' are selected. Fool around with the options yourself to see what fits you best. I found that having those 2 options checked treated me right, but you might find otherwise.

InstaSpell also has a few more cool features. You can add words to your own 'personal' dictionary...This is great, especially for corresponding with friends or clients in which certain 'slang' or shorthand is commonplace. InstaSpell will pick up words in your personal dictionary and will NOT mark them as incorrect. PLUS, you can add your contact list to the dictionary, so that if and when you type in a contacts' name, it doesn't think it is a misspelled word. Kind of handy!

After installation I immediately went to my inbox to type out a few messages. I was surprised at how well it worked. Purposely making errors, InstaSpell highlighted the errors in red. I simply rolled over the word using the trackball, clicked on the word, and InstaSpell gives you suggestions in a drop-down for you to choose from. Easy!

InstaSpell comes with a 'Bulk Check' mode. This is handy for those long emails you might be working on but don't want to stop and correct errors as you go. Simply keep typing out your message as you normally would, and when you're done click 'InstaSpell' from the menu. It then takes you through your misspelled words one by one until you're done.

Another thing I appreciated about InstaSpell is that it is fully integrated with many of the native BlackBerry apps. So far I've tried it in my calendar, tasks, notes and BlackBerry Messenger... And it works without a hitch in each.

All-in-all InstaSpell is one handy little app. It's located locally on your device (no server connection needed), it's not complicated, it's quick and easy to setup... And best of all it's intuitive to use. For anyone looking for a simple and effective spell-check solution, I'd highly recommend this app.

You'll find a Free Trial of Empower InstaSpell in the CrackBerry Store. If you like it, it's available for purchase for only $15.00! You can also buy InstaSpell bundled with Empower's  BES Mailbox for $22.50. Worth every penny in my opinion. Try the trial for yourself and you'll see!