Find My Berry!

* Winners Announcement: And the winners are... cnitzken, nimicus, GoCryWolfe, mprice, airshorty20, MetalGie, Maxberry, Chaz, maggie_may and summertyme98. Winners will be contacted by email on how to claim their free copy of Find My Berry. Thanks for participating!! **

It seems December at is give stuff away for free month! First the 12 Days of CrackBerry Giveaway launches, then we release the Holiday BlackBerry theme, and now we are giving you the chance to win one of ten copies of the new BlackBerry app, Find My Berry!

Published by Mobireport, the same company that released the popular Pimp My Pearl app that allows you to change up the color of the trackball LED on your 8100, Find My Berry is a simple but effective application that allows you to find your misplaced BlackBerry by shooting yourself a quick email.

You'll REALLY appreciate this application if you are one of those people (and there are many of us these days) who have done away with their landlines and rely solely on their mobile device as a phone. Misplace your BlackBerry in your house and don't have another phone available to call it and listen for the ring? No worries! Or have your BlackBerry on silent mode where it won't make a peep even if you call it up? No worries again! Just run to your computer and send yourself an email.

By default, typing "findme" in the subject line will stir your misplaced BlackBerry into a frenzy as soon as the email is received - a unique tone sounds, the LED flashes Red & Blue and the screen goes on and off. Seriously - it causes the BlackBerry to have a serious fit...somebody will find the device. And in the case where you've really lost your BlackBerry and are hoping somebody/anybody picks it up, upon being found it will display the contents of the email you sent, thus allowing you to send retrieval instructions to the finder (like return my BlackBerry to this address for a big cash reward!). And though not marketed as such, it's a lot of fun too! I sent myself about 15 emails yesterday with the words findme in the subject line just to see my Curve dance into action! For more information on Find My Berry, click here.

Win a Copy of Find My Berry! 

Mobireport has given 10 Copies of Find My Berry to give away to our loyal readers. Want to win one? Simply be logged into the site, and Leave a Comment to this post telling us either:
a) a situation where Find My Berry would have helped you in the past or
b) what you would do/how you would feel if you lost your BlackBerry?

Winners will be picked/announced Monday morning, so get your comments in now!!

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