The winner of the JamHack 2012 competition was Soccer Ticker. It's a social football-watching app for BlackBerry 10, complete with hand-curated live score updates, chat rooms for mid-game banter, team stats, voting on outcomes, betting odds, match schedules, and lots more. Each event in a match has its own entry which can be liked, disliked, commented on or shared out to BBM. The user interface in Soccer Ticker was particularly well-done, and surprisingly simple provided the breadth of functionality.

It was a really close race between these guys and Hive for the grand prize winner for JamHack, but ultimately Soccer Ticker had a much more broad addressable audience. Soccer Ticker will be available at the launch of BlackBerry 10 at the end of January, with a lot of potential to spread across new sports and geographies. A free version will let users to follow a limited number of games, while a subscription will unlock unlimited access to specific leagues.

So, who's a big football soccer fan out there? How do you keep on top of your matches? The only other app in this space that I know about is Bantr, and it's still stuck to iOS.