The XXII Olympic Winter Games are set to start 19 days in Sochi, Russia and just like every Olympic event, the Olympic Winter Games will see thousands of athletes from around the world attending and participating in events in an effort to claim the gold for their country. As a lead up to the event, the official event guide apps have been released and you can now grab the BlackBerry 10 version. 

Where it is an event guide, it's pretty much just for folks who will be in Sochi as it offers you ways to find venues, events to catch and photos along with push notifications of when events start but it's still a great app for those at home who want to follow along.

I'm sure there will be other apps released as well for folks not in Sochi to keep more up-to-date with medal counts, videos and such but if you want to check out the event guide, you can grab it via the link below.

Download the Sochi 2014 Event Guide