Here's one for you football fans. Soccer Ticker is a super native BlackBerry 10 application that will give you a ton of information - most importantly you can view minute by minute live commentary on your favorite matches. I though initially that the app was just a UK one but from the menu tab you have the option to select which league you wish to view. Looking at the app updates in BlackBerry World it's clear that the developer is adding more to the app each time which is great. So as I write this the options are - English Premier League, La Liga, Serie A, Bundesliga, Ligue, Eredivisie, UEFA Champion League and UEFA Europa League.

Once Soccer Ticker is launched you are presented with three tabs at the base of the display. First up is 'Matches'. Here you have a calendar strip across the top of the screen so you can jump to any day to check out past results. Under that, matches are listed and with the majority of them you can dive into another screen to see more info including stats, a preview and the live ticker - clearly the ticker is not that exciting for past games but when it's match day it will be a whole different story.

Back to the home screen and the second tab is 'Ticker'. There are two sections here and switching between them is achieved using the two tabs at the top of the screen. News is first - where you can view the latest gossip from the football world, including images. And then next up is 'On Twitter' where the app automatically pulls in Tweets from football clubs and players - good stuff.

The third tab on the home screen is 'Season' and here you can view a bunch of upcoming stuff including match fixtures, the current league table and also a leader board.

Soccer Ticker is a free download from BlackBerry World. If you are football (soccer) fan you will absolutely love it and I can guarantee that!

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