It's late. For whatever reason, I'm too excited to go to sleep. BlackBerry 10 is only 68 days away and there's just **so much** going on these days in our Mobile Nations world that I'm having trouble walking away from my desk and putting my computers, tablets and phones down.

But I was just cruising the CrackBerry forums, and came across this thread that was just posted by member rhimself who suggested he'd eat three raw onions for a BlackBerry 10 phone (I guess my onion eating to grow a moustache escapade inspired him).

This of course got me thinking back to our epic What You Do For a BlackBerry Storm Contest? of 2008 which attracted so many insane and awesome entries, my favorite of course being the Pudding Wrestling in Time Square entry which you can view above. If you have never watched this one before, you need to NAO!

In 2008 there was definitely a lot of excitement in the community leading up to the launch of the Storm. Fast forward to 2012, and I'm definitely feeling that community excitement again as BlackBerry 10 approaches. I can't help but wonder what kind of entries we'd see if we did up a What Would You Do for BlackBerry 10? contest. I know this time around I'd definitely participate (even if I can't win.. lol).

So what would you do for BlackBerry 10? Drop a comment and let us know...if I see any ideas that top pudding wrestling in Time Square, we'll get this contest launched and running ASAP. We have 68 days to kill. Might as well have some fun doing it. ;)