Never Forget Your BlackBerry at Home!
Made my way to the office this morning, and it wasn't until I walked into the office that I realized... I forgot my BlackBerry at home! My colleagues here at immediately started laughing and pointing their fingers at me (ok, they didn't really do that) but they did realize that this was a perfect situation to analyze my CrackBerry 'withdrawal'. Can I survive without it? Am I going to be ok? Or should I take the half-hour drive home to go pick it up?

Throughout the day today I am going to update this post to let you know how I'm doing. At the moment I feel fine, but it is still early!

'Berryless' Breakdown by the Hour:

9:00 AM: Realized I'm 'Berryless' for the day. Feeling ok. We'll see how things go.

9:30 AM: Had an urge to type a random email into my BlackBerry. No particular reason. Felt strange.

11:00 AM: Feelin' ok! No symptoms yet but I am getting hungry for lunch. Maybe I should pop home and pick it up? Nah... 

1:00 PM: Eating a late lunch. Kind of feel the urge to check if I have any email or messages but will fight it. Go home to pick up the 'berry? Nah... I can do this!

3:00 PM: Suprizingly not feeling any withdrawal symptoms. I thik I'm going to make it.

3:30 PM: Reached for my berry and it wasn't there. Force of habit... I'll shake it off.

4:20 PM: It's that time... and I made it :)

How would YOU do??? Talk about it in the CrackBerry Rehab Forum.

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