The Battery Life on the BlackBerry Bold 9700 is Eff'n Magical!
my battery life after exactly 24 hours of pretty active use - frak'n awesome!

So How About That Battery Life on the BlackBerry Bold 9700? I've been a broken record the past couple of days - everytime I run into a person with the new BlackBerry Bold 9700 (which happens frequently at BlackBerry Developer Conference) that's the question that comes from my mouth. I don't know exactly what RIM did to the BlackBery Bold 9700, but the battery life is freak'n amazing. Maybe they did some hocus pocus and waved their magic wands over it in the dev labs. Or maybe they stuck some moon isotopes under the battery cover. Or maybe they re-wrote and optimized the radio stack for the device (ding ding ding), but whatever they did, it worked. One of RIM's priorities has always been long battery life, but over the past couple of years as RIM has crammed more features into the device, it has taken its toll slightly on the lonnnnnng battery life old school BlackBerry users were used to (keep in mind poor battery life for a BlackBerry typically is still way better than the competition). The Bold 9700 changes that though - it reminds me of my old 7290. An easy 2 days baby!

Seriously. The screen capture above shows my Rogers BlackBerry Bold 9700 after exactly 24 hours of pretty steady use (roaming on AT&T). As you can see, this morning when I rolled out of bed I still had over half the juice left in the tank. With my original BlackBerry Bold 9000, I would have been down to yellow bars by 3pm yesterday and swapping in a spare battery by 4:30pm. Bla1ze has also been experiencing the same sort of awe-insipiring battery life on his Rogers Bold 9700. Speaking to other 9700 owners I've bumped into, I'm not sure that the T-Mobile 9700's life (running on T-Mo network) is quite as good as the AT&T/Rogers versions (still reallly solid though), but even our pal Ronen at BerryReview is getting the same sort of life out of his T-Mo 9700 that he used to get from his Bold 9000 that was tied to a Case-Mate Fuel Case. It's impressive.

I think my non-stop talking about my 9700's battery life is driving everybody in the press room here at the BlackBerry Developer Conference a bit nuts, so hopefully now that this post is up and out there for all to read I'll finally STFU. But good job RIM. WICKED device. :)

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