Homemade BlackBerry Z10 Desktop Stand
CB member npisano couldn't wait any longer for the official Z10 dock, so he made his own.

When it comes to accessories for BlackBerry devices, the official BlackBerry Charging stand is always a top seller and considered a must-have by any diehard BlackBerry user.

Since the BlackBerry Z10 began hitting consumers hands (just a little bit longer America!), CrackBerry readers have been inquiring -- obsessively I might add -- about the availability of the Multimedia Charging Dock for the Z10. To be certain, there definitely is one. It has popped up on the internet a few times now; we know the BlackBerry Z10 Transform Case was designed to work seamlessly with the pod; and heck, I even managed to get my hands on one... so we know it's real. So why isn't available yet and when will it become available?

The BlackBerry Z10 Multimedia Dock 

BlackBerry Multimedia Dock 

Long story short, the BlackBerry Z10 Multimedia Dock will become available to the general market when the Z10's BlackBerry 10 software fully supports it. I don't think BlackBerry wants to release it to the masses until it delivers a perfect user experience.

On the software side, it's pretty easy to understand what has to happen here. The Z10's homescreen and lock screen currently support only portrait orientation - so right now if you place the Z10 onto the dock, the screen stays in portrait orientation. In other words, you have to use the phone sideways. And there's no automatic prompt upon placing the phone into the dock to jump you directly into an app - such as the clock app or movie player. The dock still works fine in all other respects - the clock app supports landscape orientation, as does the media player of course (and the Micro HDMI out works fine). So once you're in the app you want to use, assuming it supports landscape, it's a solid experience. It's just getting there is a bit messy right now. I think for hardcore BlackBerry users -- like all of you reading this post wanting to know what's going on with the dock -- the current usage case would probably be fine for most of you. But overall it is less than a perfect experience, until the BB10 software supports it. So it makes sense why it's not out yet. I'm guessing this isn't a quick fix software update, would likely be to tied to a larger one (10.1?). 

An alternative unofficial dock in the meantime?

Sunny Savers BlackBerry Z10 Dual White Wave Desktop Charger

Earlier this week our Adam Zeis discovered this third party dock on Amazon. It's the Sunny Savers BlackBerry Z10 Twin Dual White Wave Desktop Charger Dock & Spare Battery Charger Sync & Charger Pod (say that three times fast). The spare battery charger is a nice feature feature, but unlike the official dock there's no Micro HDMI out on this (and of course the same software challenges with landscape use will apply). 

We've ordered a couple of them to test out - if they're good we'll try and get them in stock at ShopCrackBerry. Definitely not the same as the official dock, but if can't wait for the official one and don't want to craft your own stand out of a block of wood, it may be a solution worth checking out. If you have patience I'd suggest waiting for the OEM BB one. Either way, stay locked to CrackBerry and we'll report back soon on this one.

If want the Official BlackBerry Multimedia Dock, say Aye!

It's very clear that BlackBerry is listening to their user and fan base -- look how quickly battery life and Bedside mode got tweaked up in the first BlackBerry 10 OS update -- so it never hurts to express your desires. Being a young platform, BlackBerry 10 is going to continue to evolve at a rapid pace, so I'm sure knowing what matters most to BlackBerry 10 owners will help BlackBerry prioritize their to do list.

So if having a dock for your BlackBerry means as much to you as it does to me (gotta have two - one for home and office!), leave a comment saying how much want it and how you will put it to use in your life! And hopefully it will become available sooner than later.

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