Looking to talk politics, technology or Doctor Who? Maybe you just want to see some rather hilarious GIF's or some lolcats? If so, Reddit is the place to check out and perusing the front page of the internet as it's called, is simple with Snooby. Snooby is a native Reddit client built specifically for BlackBerry 10 and offers pretty much all that you will need to get your Reddit on. You can login to your account and get your mail, vote on posts, leave comments, browse all the default subreddits plus, unlike some clients out there, you can also access all your personalized subreddits. The app comes as a free download but that's not to say it's entirely free. It uses an in-app purchase called Snooby Gold:

Snooby Gold unlocks the full suite of features for Snooby. Non-Snooby Gold users are subjected to a 50 token rate limit and every action expires in 24 hours. Currenty, voting costs 1 token while commenting, costs 3 tokens.

With that mentioned, the upgrade to Snooby Gold costs $1.99 and can be purchased from right within the app. While I've not blown through my tokens yet through normal use, if you're a hardcore Reddit user you just might need the upgrade. The developer, Amos Chan, is quite active when it comes to updating Snooby so I'm sure he'd appreciate it if you purchased the upgrade.Plus, good developers deserve to be rewarded for their work. If you're in need of a Reddit client, hit the link below to check out Snooby.

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