SNES BlackBerry PlayBook

Super Nintendo games on my BlackBerry PlayBook?? Yes please! Forums members A7omic and jtokarchuk have successfully ported SNES9x to the BlackBerry PlayBook -- which means you can play all the Super Mario World or Star Fox you want -- right on your tablet. Emulators are nothing new as there have been plenty of NES and SNES ports on various devices for years. Geeky gamers (like myself) love being able to play old school games on new school devices ... there's just something about it that is super fun. You can grab the SNES9x bar in the forums, but keep in mind you'll have to track down some SNES ROMs to play as well. Hit the thread below for the skinny on how to get up and running, and remember that you install at your own risk -- we take no responsibility if you break something trying to play 20 year old games :-)

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