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Earlier this month, I traveled to Berlin to attend the IFA Global Consumer Electronics Show. Over a few beers, I had the chance to catch up with the Punkt. team. They were in Berlin for closed-door meetings, gearing up for their product launch later this year.

For those unfamiliar, Punkt. is a Swiss consumer tech company with a design-first approach. I personally vouch for their compact yet powerful MP02 mobile phone. Its limited feature set was a breath of fresh air in 2022, helping me refocus and declutter my mind.

While there's "no official information" yet about the MP02's successor, I managed to snag an exclusive peek and gather some insights.

Firstly, a spoiler alert: this new phone is buttonless. Although the much-anticipated Punkt. MC01 Legend with a QWERTY keyboard is in the pipeline (yes, it's really coming!), the upcoming device is entirely touchscreen.

There's no doubt that there's a growing market ready to embrace what this Punkt. and Apostrophy collaboration promises

Staying true to Punkt.'s core, the phone's design centers around intentionality. It's set to be the first mobile device powered by the Aphy OS from Apostrophy. So, what's "intentionality" in this context? It's about fostering a productive, balanced relationship with your device, as opposed to the mind-numbing, endless scrolling many fall victim to.

From what I've seen, I'm hesitant to label it merely as a smartphone. It diverges from the standard Android or Apple offerings, bridging the gap between basic feature phones and their smarter counterparts. Maybe we could term it an "Intentional Phone" or an "Optimal Phone"? Whatever its classification, there's no doubt that there's a growing market ready to embrace what this Punkt. and Apostrophy collaboration promises.

On the design front, while there's a limit to how distinct a touchscreen device can look, this one undeniably exudes the Punkt. essence. I'm particularly smitten by the paint splatter texture on the back.

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Source: Punkt

After a few more beers I convinced the Punkt. guys to hook me up with some products to give away in a CrackBerry contest. So while you're waiting for official details to drop on Punkt.'s next BIG thing, you can leave a comment to this post for your chance to win a Punkt. MP02 Phone + AC02 Alarm Clock. Contest ends September 30th at Midnight PST. Open worldwide. Good luck!!

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