Desktop Manager 4.5

With the release of BlackBerry Operating System version 4.5 just around the corner, it's no surprise that Jibi has posted over at BGR a sneak peak of the desktop side of the equation, Desktop Manager 4.5. From Jibi:

Picking up where the release of BlackBerry Desktop Manager 4.3 underwhelmed after it’s initial makeover, the new release of BlackBerry Desktop Manager will feature a complete overhaul of the interface from top to bottom. While this beta version does not feature any major enhancements above and beyond the UI asthetics, it is certainly a breath of fresh air from the 1998-esque releases we have previously seen from RIM. We expect this version to launch around the same time as the ever-fabled OS 4.5 device software.

Please note this version is still in beta, however we did notice one interesting change. It appears the included Roxio Media Manager no longer includes the full Roxio Media Creator Suite but rather the Media Manager portion only. Assuming nothing changes between now and retail release and you want to keep your abilities to burn CDs, burn DVDs and VCDs, etc., we suggest remaining on BDM 4.3 or BDM 4.2 SP2. Of course, that is assuming these commercial features won’t be removed from these versions as well. We always found it rather humorous that Media Manager advertised the purchased upgrade to the full-blown version of Media Creator Suite, when it could simply be accessed by clicking the Home link at the bottom of the application.

Two other features that are missing from this beta version are the ability to use your device as a tethered modem and the ability to force-load an OS to a "507" device (one that has been wiped using JavaLoader) using Application Loader. Let’s hope these features are re-added prior to public launch of the software.

Head over to BG for more information and a LOT more images.. My fingers are crossed in hopes of 4.5 being released for Mac as well. There's no evidence of this yet (I haven't heard anything else on this other than the initial rumors we posted), but here's to wishful thinking! Thanks for the info Jibi!!!