While the likes of Instagram, Vine and Snapchat are still missing from BlackBerry World for BlackBerry 10 smartphones there has been plenty of news about those apps coming from indie BlackBerry developers. iGrann is stepping in where Instagram is slacking and Whine is stepping in for Vine. So what's happening for Snapchat? 

As seen above, the folks from Surge Co. Apps are working on Snappy, a native open source Snapchat app for BlackBerry 10 based on snapchat-php that has been ported to Python for BB-Py Project. Although there's not ETA for release as of yet but the app just being in the works is good enough news for some folks.

Of course, if you REALLY need Snapchat on your BlackBerry right now, you can always sideload the Android version but nothing beats having a native version to make use of. I suggest giving Surge Co. Apps a follow on Twitter if you're interested in following along with their app development.