Snapchat third party app Snap2Chat sees a beta update

It was not too long ago that we saw a native third party Snapchat app land on BlackBerry 10. Well, not officially. Snap2Chat was made available in beta, via the CrackBerry Forums and it required some sideloading to get it up and running. Being in beta meant there would still be bugs and not fully complete. The forums have been busy with beta testers giving feedback on the app and, NemOry, the developer has been working hard to fix bugs and add more features.

Today we see an update to Snap2Chat beta. There is a long list of improvements.


  • Error Line 1, Column 1 etc..
  • Camera Opens on Start even not logged in now fixed
  • --and more.. can't remember all


  • camera orientation fixed and more better (untested in the Z30, really need your feedback to this, when reporting please post a screenshot and tell if it is from a portrait or landscape and from front or rear camera)
  • added ultra quality snap
  • tap to focus in snap2chat camera
  • timer picker button now easy to tap
  • fixed snap feed list item, removed (from)
  • loading snap with progress bar
  • shutter sound on and off option
  • corrected camera flash button
  • added BBM Integration
  • snap2chat camera tap to focus
  • now hides other elements when opening the timer picker
  • BBM Channels Button (thanks to Toby)
  • option to load snaps automatically (little buggy)
  • can now view snaps sent from your self
  • choosing recipients to send a snap now loads once only
  • disable auto refresh option
  • auto delete sent snap option
  • camera shutter sound on and off option
  • menu settings also on top when you swipe down
  • long press camera button to open video recorder
  • option to choose default camera or snap2chat camera
  • preview video snap before sending

Remember, this app is in public beta, there will be bugs and things not quite complete. If you come across any problems, hit up the forums and give your feedback there.

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