Although Snap2Chat was updated back on Dec. 15th to v0.6 the developer behind it all, NemOry, has been busy working on the latest build and has now made it available for download to those who are wishing to take it for a go. This particular update adds some new visuals while squashing a ton of previously noted bugs plus, there's been several new features added as well.

Overall, the change log is pretty massive so if you're looking for the full details, you can skip down the page a bit where we've laid them all out for you. If you just want to get to the .BAR file and load it up, you'll find the link at the bottom. Seriously though, take a look at the screenshots. I believe NemOry has built a better looking Snapchat client than Snapchat did.


  • Annoying Camera Flash
  • Max Snaps to show
  • Forever loading feeds
  • Emoticons Box don't show when you send a snap anymore
  • Deleting and Blocking a friend
  • Video Playback After attaching
  • Double tap 
  • Annoying Feeds Icon and Status
  • ++ more (sorry I forgot to list them)


  • Extended Profiles
  • Shoutbox (Worldwide Chatroom)
  • My Profile
  • Caption Fonts
  • Caption Font Weight
  • Caption Font Sizes
  • Caption Font Styles
  • Caption Background Colors
  • Locks orientation when viewing snaps
  • Invite friends via SMS and Social Accounts
  • 2 Servers
  • Stable Registration and Login
  • Active Frame (shows latest snaps)
  • Hub Notifications
  • Fresh New Icons and Splash Screen (Thanks to Apollo_IV for the awesome job!) and Thanks to toby (for text corrections and some code help)
  • ++ more (sorry I forgot to list them)


  • Replay / Resee Snaps
  • Group Contacts​
  • SnapChat Stories
  • View Scores and Best Friends
  • Send Video Snaps
  • Stickers - You will be able to place stickers when editing a snap, place a beard, big nose, big eyes, big mouth and all those other stuffs.
  • Snap Albums - Save your awesome snaps or snaps from other people to your albums and view them unlimitedly.
  • Conversation View Snap2Chatting - It should look similar to Facebook Chat/BBM Chat. With this feature you can focus to the one you're chatting with.
  • Group View Snap2Chatting - This should look also the same with Facebook Group Chat.
  • Multi Accounts - You will have the ability to have more than 1 account. And it's just easy as a click to switch accounts.
  • Extended Profile Wall - You and your friends can post to your wall. When you send a snap you have an option to post to your wall.
  • Snap To Social - Send a snap not just to your snapchat friends but also post them publicly on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube (for video snaps).
  • Better Beta Experience - OTA Bar Updates, OTA Updates Announcements, Inside App Feedbacks Section, Better Bug Reporting with Device Identifying Information (you don't have to type anymore your OS Version or Device Model when reporting an issue or bug)

A quick reminder, this is a public beta so not everything is in place yet. Should you download it and give it a go, please offer up feedback to NemOry​ on how to further improve the app. You can do so in the CrackBerry Forums or through the various other options listed on his announcement post.

Learn more and download Snap2Chat