Snap2Chat updated with plenty of bug fixes

If you have Snap2Chat you may have already seen a prompt to update the app to the latest update. Nemory Studios is hard at work bringing about another third party app to BlackBerry 10 but he hasn't abandoned Snap2Chat. In fact, it had seen a few updates in BlackBerry Beta Zone and now an official update has made it's way to BlackBerry World. This update is more of a bug fix update but those are always welcome to improve user experience. There are some tweaks to the UI too but really nothing else new.

Snap2Chat v2.3.0 changelog

  • Fixed and New Profile Design
  • Fixed and New Viewing Best Friends Dialog
  • File Size Limit Checking only for attached Files
  • Video Recorded Timer Syncing
  • Shows Deleted and Blocked Friends by Default
  • Fixed Send to All Recipients

If you haven't yet updated to Snap2Chat v2.3 use the BlackBerry World link below. Not that the update is for the paid version only. There is a lite version available to download if you want to give it a try. The full paid version costs $1.99 and is available for all BlackBerry 10 smartphones. If you have already purchased the full version, the update is free.

Learn more / Download Snap2Chat from BlackBerry World
Learn more / Download Snap2Chat Lite