Over the past little while now we've heard from a few developers working on native Snap Chat clients for BlackBerry 10 but none having been as vocal about it as NemOry, developer of Droid StoreWhere's My Phone and more. After having laid out the basics of the app previously, NemOry has been working hard to get a beta release out and it's now available. You'll need to grab your USB cables and load up the .BAR file to test things out but once that's over here's what you can expect.

  • Major Changes: Send Snaps, View Snaps
  • Design: Bright and Dark Theme Options, Customize Title Bar Color, Customize The Main Tabbed Pane, Pull To Refresh ,Better Loading and Faster
  • Camera Features: Set Front or Rear Camera, Set Aspect Ratio, Set Flash Mode, Set Shooting Mode, Set Focus Mode, Set Scene Mode
  • Edit Features: Edit Via Built in Picture Editor, Set Snap Lifetime, Add Caption (Simulation for now but doesn't reflect to the final snap)
  • Viewing Snap Features: Timer ticks until snap expires, Tap To Load, Double Tap To Reply, Press and hold to view snap
  • Send Snap Features: Send to unlimited number of friends, Reply to a snap, Send a specific snap to a friend
  • Now Supports: 10.0, 10.1, 10.2 and above, All Devices (But only tested: 10.1 Dev Alpha C and 10.2.1 Z10)
  • Bugs Fixed: Loading Multiple Times Bug now fixed, And many more (I already forgot ahahha)

Again, this is a public beta so not everything is in place yet but it's off to a fantastic start and should you download it and give it a go, please offer up feedback to NemOry​ on how to further improve the app. You can do so in the CrackBerry Forums or through the various other options listed on his announcement post.

Learn more and download Snap2Chat