Snap2Chat Lite now available from BlackBerry World

The long wait to see Snap2Chat become available in BlackBerry World ended yesterday. It's a really slick and fast app, you can see how much work the developer put into it. Plus, it has extra features on top of the official Snapchat app. There isn't an official app for BlackBerry 10 anyway, unless you sideload. The version that came out yesterday is a paid version and is currently on sale, however I did mention that there developer would be releasing a free version. That becomes available today.

Of course, being a free version it won't have all the features you get with the paid version but you get the full Snap chat experience of being able to send and receive 'Snaps' and all the rest.

Snap2Chat Lite differences

  • No Custom Caption Fonts
  • No Custom Caption Backgrounds
  • No Replay Feature
  • No Auto Load Snaps & Stories
  • No Front Facing Flash
  • No Auto Open Cam on Start
  • No Notifications
  • No Select All when sending Snaps
  • No Advanced Media Editor
  • No Enhanced Video Recorder
  • Can't switch to Dark theme
  • Can't attach media from SD Card
  • Can't customize Title Bar Color
  • Camera Shutter Sound always on *Static Background Active Frame
  • Orientation is locked to Auto
  • Caption Text limited to 30 Characters

If you would like to have the option to do all of the above, or even just support the developer, the full version is currently available for $0.99 for the weekend. Regular price is $1.99. We'll be bringing you a review soon and also compare it to the Snapchat Android port.

Learn more / Download Snap2Chat Lite from BlackBerry World