Snap2Chat jumps to v0.8.9 with lots of new additions and improvements

If you didn't know yet, a third party Snapchat client, Snap2Chat, has been available in beta for a while via the CrackBerry forums. The developer is continually working to improve it and add new features. It certainly has come along way since the first beta. Bugs have been ironed out, it's runs a lot faster and it has some nice extras. I don't use Snapchat often but Snap2Chat certainly looks like it adds a lot things on top of the official app.

Changelog for v0.8.9

  • 99999+ SNAPPINESS!!
  • Minimized Load Times
  • Much More Stable
  • DRAWINGS!!!! (thanks to Joseph Gaston (QXS) for the HTML5 idea)
  • My Stories
  • Friend Requests
  • Confirm Friend Requests
  • Best Friends
  • Recent Friends
  • View Stories in Full Screen
  • Title Bar Color Changes Instantly
  • Knows when you're logged in from another Snapchat app and prompts

If you're a Snapchat user and want to get a BlackBerry 10 native experience, take a look at Snap2Chat. Remember this is still in beta, if you find any bugs, give feedback to the developer in the Snap2Chat forum thread.

Learn more / Download Snap2Chat Beta