Chances are that if you have been lucky enough to update to BlackBerry 10.2.1 (yes, some carriers are still lagging behind) you more than likely have followed our advice and installed Snap - the Google Play client for BlackBerry 10 - allowing for simple installation of Android APK's onto your BlackBerry. 

The app has been updated - fixing a bunch of stuff that threw a spanner in the works for some folk, firstly to version and then quickly to version 

Heading over to the developers website things are a little confusing as the update is listed as v2.0.0.1, yet when you download the .bar file it will in fact be v2.0.0.2. 

New and improved: 

  • Fix for password with special characters
  • Fix for generic Network Error while downloading
  • Fix for crash after download completion or choosing save folder
  • Fix for Post-install behavior setting dropdown reverting to "Delete APK"
  • Fix for Email address clearing out on unsuccessful sign-in
  • Fix for some Apps not loading description/details
  • Added notification for users with OS version that does not include Android installer

If you haven't yet tried Snap out you can follow our 'How to' guide here to get up and running. 

Download Snap Version