Snap is a new camera application for BlackBerry 10 with a twist. I'm not talking about filters like many apps currently have. Snap is a sound triggered camera app. That may sound a bit weird but it's actually pretty sweet. Imagine you want to take some photos of yourself. Without Snap you would be restricted to using the front facing camera and would need to hold the BlackBerry. So with Snap you can prop the phone up and just make a sound to engage the camera shutter. And it works really well.

There is also a timer present and a normal camera mode to allow you to just use the camera as you would without the app, but it's the noise activation that I find really clever. You can even toggle the variable sound thresholds which range from a whisper to a scream. Jumping from your rear camera to the front one is just two screen taps away and within the menu you can get access to your gallery and even switch on the grid for precise photos if required. The flash can be switched on or off from the main interface and you get a nice big blue shutter button on-screen.

Overall Snap has really impressed me. It's user interface is made up of some lovely colors yet things are kept simple. Plus it's a native BlackBerry application, not a port from Android like many other are. Snap will cost you $0.99/£0.75 for a limited time only. Then the price will revert back to normal which is $1.99/£1.50. If you like to take photos of yourself or of you and your friends this one is well worth checking out.

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