BlackBerry 8900 Curves (Javelins) at the Airport!

So apparently there's another way to get a sneak peek at unannounced, pre-release BlackBerry smartphones other than reading exclusive reviews at Go to the airport!!! Normally I get mad when my flight gets delayed, but not yesterday, as during the wait I spotted no less than THREE BlackBerry Javelins in the wild. Seriously, like WTF?! At this point I'm honestly hoping my return flight gets delayed as the odds are looking good that I'll spot a Storm!

And in case you didn't listen to our last CrackBerry Podcast, it's official.... the BlackBerry Javelin will hit the market as the BlackBerry Curve 8900. I still find myself calling the Pearl 8220 the KickStart, so I'm realllly going to try and break the Javelin habit early and use the BlackBerry Javelin..err.. Curve 8900 by its go to market name.