Kmashi's 11200mAh power bank is on sale at Amazon

Kmashi's 11200mAh power bank is on sale at Amazon for just $8 with coupon code FVSA9NY2, a savings of 50 percent from its regular price. This battery pack is small and portable, but packs a large capacity inside to keep you charged on the go. While many other power banks have more than one USB output, Kmashi has opted to go with just one this time around, so you'll only be able to charge one smartphone, tablet or other electronic at a time.

This battery pack also doubles as a flashlight, as there is an included LED light for those times you may need it. Should you find yourself always wanting a little extra battery life, or just want to be safe and ensure you don't ever run out of power, you'll want to check this deal out. Remember, you need to use coupon code FVSA9NY2 at checkout for full savings. This deal is only valid for Amazon U.S.

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