One of the features from legacy devices that is sorely missed on BlackBerry 10 is sending group messages. As of now it is rather time consuming entering in the individual names, numbers or emails into the address field, not to mention the apparent limit on the amount of recipients. SMSbyNow is a fully-featured messaging application that offers an array of features to suit all your needs.

After you launch the application, the main screen displays a list of all of your group lists. However, it is broken down into three main functions: group management, composing and forwarding messages, and message scheduling. 

When it comes to group messaging this feature allows users to manually add their own lists composed of email, texts, or both. Contacts can be added individually or several at a time with the selection picker from the contacts application. From here you can search or filter, backup or restore your data when swapping devices, or copy groups as well. What SMSbyNow eliminates in the process, is the recipient limit. There are no restrictions on the number of contacts within a group. It could be 1, 10, 40, or more, and there would be no issue sending a blast email to as many individuals as you wish. 

Composing and forwarding messages is a breeze and all of your messages are managed here as well in addition to the hub. Whether it be composing PIN messages, emails, or texts, it is your one stop shop. Not only does it support choosing amongst each of your accounts but even which field to insert each contact (i.e. To, CC, BCC). One of the concerns in the forums was the ability to insert attachments which has been since added with no limit on the number of files, though the total size may be limited. Message may be sent separately to each contact, to avoid those reply to all issues, or to all in a group at the same time. There is also the option to create templates such as a message header or signature, and the ability to automatically forward SMS or emails. 

Finally, there is message scheduling. Plain and simply you can set a schedule on when each of your messages are sent such as recurring entries or within five minutes. It is a nice feature and one many will appreciate.

All in all this is a robust application especially when sending bulk messages to a large group of people who may be on different platforms. It works like charm and if you do experience an issue and happen to stop by the forums, the developer is active there as well and is receptive to new feature requests. 

For $2.99 it is worth it for all of the features they packed into it especially if you rely on text messages throughout the day. It is compatible with all BlackBerry 10 devices. 

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