When it comes to text messages, I'm sure at one point we have all received one or two (or more) unwanted SMS messages. Be it spam or texts from unknown numbers it can be quite disconcerting. SMS Blocker aims to eradicate those annoying incoming messages and leave only the genuine ones in your inbox.

Day-to-day use of the application is rather simple. One of the positives about this is that you don't necessarily have to manually input each number number you wish to block. It can bet set to automatically block all SMS or from unknown numbers or spammers. Users also have the option of manually adding to the block list or pulling the information from their contact list or existing messages.

In addition to the firewall capabilities, SMS Blocker Pro offers additional options as well such as customizable notifications including LED color, vibration or ringtone, auto reply, and password protection. All blocked messages are stored within the application for easy access and to review what is placed there. The app is adaptable to your preferences so numbers can be moved on and off the list as you see fit. Those messages are in turn remove from appearing in the HUB.


  • Unique in-built intelligence in the app to AUTOMATICALLY block spam & harmful SMS from Unknown numbers and Spammers
  • Block SMS from a contact by adding it from Contact list, received SMS list (SMS Inbox) or by manually adding the number to Blocked list
  • See blocked SMS in "Blocked SMS" section
  • Reply to a blocked SMS from within the application
  • Add blocked SMS contact to Allowed List if the SMS is legitimate.When you allow a Contact,the SMS will also be moved back to the SMS Inbox (hub)
  • Fully customizable. Create your blocking/allowing preferences as you want
  • Fully customizable Notifications. Mute the sound for Blocked SMS or set LED color,Vibration or Ringtone for them
  • Control on Regular SMS. Mute the sound for a Regular SMS or set LED color,Vibration or Ringtone for them. Regular SMS are the ones that are not blocked by SMS Blocker Pro
  • Seamless Integration with phonebook and SMS inbox 
  • Set Auto Reply for a Blocked SMS.Auto Replies are saved inside the application itself.SMS Blocker Pro deletes the replied SMS from Hub to increase the privacy
  • Set Auto Reply for a Regular SMS.This could be useful when you are in a meeting or if you are driving.In these cases you can set the auto reply message
  • Password Protection for preventing the application from unauthorized people.It can be disabled if not required. -- Most superior performance

For those of you bombarded by spam text messages, this application will help you eliminate them. One thing I observed as a Pebble owner is that while blocked messages do not appear in the hub, there is a chance it will show up on your smartwatch. You can purchase it for $1.99 for BlackBerry 10.

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