We have seen a few exporting application for SMS messages. Even our own Dear Berry highlighted some of the ones currently available. After perusing through the options, I felt SMS Backup deserved a closer look. Whether you have hundreds of texts or only a few, it offers a quick way to backup and restore your SMS and MMS messages. 

As of now, if you choose not to share or copy the text on your device, BlackBerry Link allows for a backup for your messages. SMS Backup offers a simpler way of accomplishing this task by backing up and restoring information right from your device without having to connect via a USB cable to your computer. 


  • Backup text messages (SMS) to an open XML format
  • Backup media content from MMS
  • Checks for duplicates on import
  • Clear all your text messages (Safely remove all text messages)
  • Export text messages to a CSV file that you can view, sort and print in a spreadsheet application such as Excel
  • Supports all versions of BlackBerry OS 10 (including leaks)

If you are a person who switches devices or happens to load all of the new leaks available, this application is a viable option for transferring your messages as it saves directly to your device or media card. SMS and MMS messages are exported as XML or CSV files with an option to zip and email them as well. The resulting backups also store any media content attached in their own subfolders to prevent the loss of your shared content. 

Using this application is as easy as selecting the desired option and tapping on backup. The restore process is just as easy and you would simply swipe to select the option and tap on the appropriate icon. It's quick and easy, and the entire backup takes place in the blink of an eye. The files are accessible using File Manager and can be easily moved or swapped between devices. There is a feature though to be cautious of in SMS Backup. An option exists to wipe out all of your messages on your device. This action is irreversible unless a backup file was previously created. 

No matter what the reason you may continue holding onto your text messages including for work, this is a useful way of archiving them for future reference or for regaining memory. I'm more of a BBM user but for those who use SMS and MMS for work or personal affairs this is a handy tool that works with all BlackBerry 10 devices. Available for $1.99 it makes it relatively easy for you log or move your messages even if you are switching over from another platform. 

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