SmrtGuard has been steaming along tweaking their app since the original release. They listen to all the feedback and throw in little things here and there to keep on top of the game. The new features now allow you to issue a remote backup before a remote wipe (should your device be lost or stolen), ability to remotely issue call forwarding and also a Location History tab on the SmrtGuard Dashboard to see where your device has been. The best part about this release is you can now take advantage of their 10 day risk free trial. Previously you had to enter your PayPal payment information to use the trial, but now you can signup instantly without entering your payment info and you're good to go. If you haven't checked out SmrtGuard yet, you really should give it a shot. At the very least it gives you peace of mind knowing that your device data can be wiped and tracked should it ever be lost or stolen.

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