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Ever since the addition of the social platform to BlackBerry Messenger we have seen tons of developers continue to incorporate social additions to their applications, one of which being Smoothie from Tafasa. For those unfamiliar with Smoothie, it is a BlackBerry application that allows you to find new friends to begin a conversation with or allow you to join an existing conversation with a group of people already conversing. Since its debut last year, Smoothie has become rather popular amongst BlackBerry users and they have received quite a bit of feedback on how to improve the application. They have been working behind the scenes to incorporate it all.

The recent update to Smoothie which bumped it up to v2.0 brought a whole load of new features and enhancements along with it. Some of these include:

  • MULTIPLE CHATS: You asked, we listened! Multiple chats are now supported in Smoothie! Now you can take part in multiple Coffee Shop and Blender conversations at once, and manage all your chats from the main chat screen. 
  • ALL NEW BLENDER: The Blender has been completely revamped to give you the best experience possible! You will find the all new Blender at the top of the main chat screen. With the same customizability as the old Blender, you will now be able to generate matches and preview them before trying to connect to chat. Find someone you feel like talking to? Click on the recommendation, and you will be connected directly to them. The Blender allows others to find and start chats with you as well, so as long as you have the Blender enabled, you'll be sure to meet someone new! 
  • ABOUT ME: Now you can include a little blurb about yourself on the profile page 
  • VOTE TO KICK OUT: If you feel like a person is being inappropriate in a chat room, simply go to their profile from the list of participants and click on "vote to kick out". The other person will be warned and your vote will be recorded. If enough people vote, the person will be removed from the chat. We are working hard to make Smoothie a fun place for all! 
  • IMPROVED ALERTS: The alert system has been improved so that you can see which chats have new activity straight from the main chat screen, as well as an indicator on the icon whenever there is something new for you to see in Smoothie. 
  • WORKS IN THE BACKGROUND: With all the great new additions now available in Smoothie, you are going to want to keep the app running in the background while you use the rest of the great apps on your device. Smoothie does just that when you hit the escape key. You can always quit the app or leave a chat from the menu in the application. 
  • EXPANDED HISTORY: Since you're going to be talking to a lot more people with this new version of Smoothie, we've expanded the number of people stored in the history section, helping you find the people you want to chat with later on BBM 
  • IMPROVED RELIABILITY: Smoothie 2.0 introduces several changes that will make the app more reliable and efficient, giving you the best experience yet
  • Lots of other bug fixes and improvements

If you are a current Smoothie user you will certainly want to make sure you grab the update, and if you have yet to check it out and want to meet some new BlackBerry users this is a great free way to do so.

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