I first played Smiley's Pop last year when it came out for the BlackBerry PlayBook. The game that was originally on the iPhone has also made its way to BlackBerry 10 and if you like puzzles this one is a real gem. The idea of the game is to get three or more Smiley's in a row. This will make them pop and earn you some points. Sounds basic and it is but it's a wonderful game - trust me.

The colors within the game are super rich and almost pop out - they look truly stunning on the Z10 display. The Smiley's are also animated so they will make slight facial movements - not a deal breaker but a nice touch from the developer.

In each game you get three 'Hints' so if you do get stuck you can use one of these to help you out of a sticky situation. The game is complimented by a funky soundtrack that just makes the whole experience a little bit better.

You can download Smiley's Pop for $0.99/£0.75 and that's not a bad deal in my opinion. I loved playing it on the PlayBook and now it can go everywhere with me. A great time killer for those boring moments.

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