Ahhhhhh...... Feels GOOD!

Honestly, I don't even know where to begin in summing up this story. It's messy, it's ongoing, and there's a lot of bad acting - definitely a soap opera at its finest. The Boy Genius just let loose with his best take/understanding on the AT&T Bold and its rise to existence and series of launch delays. Here's the start:

First and foremost, according to what we have been told, AT&T approached RIM to build the BlackBerry Bold for them. RIM had zero plans of manufacturing a 3G device at the time. They reluctantly gave in to AT&T and started to manufacture the Bold. You can see their non-3G stance with the upcoming Kickstart, Javelin, etc. As it was put to us, "AT&T will not be accepting any non-3G phones on it's network." We've clearly seen this transition take place; we're almost at the point of all 3G handset heaven, so this statement makes sense. The problem with the delays of the Bold is that RIM has the Thunder/Storm up their sleeves...

You can read the rest of the story here. Be sure to report back with your comments on this debacle!

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