Smartphone Round Robin
The Smartphone Round Robin is still humming along, and as you may have noticed we are slightly behind schedule. The original goal was to have initial impressions up each week on Tuesday, with final impressions up on Friday. Thanks to some small snags (a Fedex mix-up, my first unlocked Treo not working, and the fact that it takes more than a day or two to really get to know the phones), we're taking a bit more time. Not a big deal...except for the fact it means I'll be withouth my BlackBerry for an extra week - ack!

Dieter at has the BlackBerry 8310 Curve this week, and will be getting his initial impressions up later today. I'm thinking his initial thoughts on the Curve might not be so nice, considering yesterday he posted up some pretty big smacktalk again RIM's co-CEO Mike Lazaridis. To be fair, Lazaridis did start it with some shots comments he made against Apple's iPhone and the Windows Mobile Platform...

Lazaridus to Apple's iPhone:

“The Apple iPhone has severe limitations when it comes to effortless typing. Of course you have more screen space, with more artistic interactions, but that’s not enough. We’ve seen this before when Palm tried virtual keyboards. When they launched the Treo they licensed our keyboard.”

Lazaridus to Windows Mobile:

“Windows Mobile isn’t that big a competitor…They are a modest force to RIM. Microsoft should be working at services, not at distributed PCs, which is what Windows Mobile actually still is.” 

Those are fighting words if you're a Windows Mobile lover and iPhone fan like Dieter is. Dieter made his post an official Round Robin thread (heck, this one is too), so any comments posted get you a chance to win a new smartphone of your choice! Just make sure you're logged in before you post...

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