You may have heard that we're taking a short break from the 3rd annual Smartphone Round Robin for CES this year (and for our own sanity, truth be told.) Lucky for you, we have just the thing to tide you over this week: two podcasts with your favorite editors from the Smartphone Experts Network.

First up, this past weekend, as with pretty much every weekend during the Round Robin, The Cell Phone Junkie had a special segment focusing on a specific platform. Last weekend was all about Palm webOS, so go on and give that a listen. It'll warm you up for my final Palm webOS review.

This week, though, we have the second podcast we recorded over the course of our time together. We've embedded it below, but honestly: you've subscribed to TCPJ by now, haven't you?

How to listen to the Smartphone Round Robin Podcast Part 2:

p.s. My take on Palm webOS (and the Pre and Pixi) and Dieter's take on BlackBerry should hit by tomorrow AM, if you've been waiting. Though Dieter and I are both running ragged with CES prep so if worse comes to worse we'll do an all-nighter tomorrow night and finish up our reviews side by side (hotel room style) as we argue back and forth over beers as to which platform rules supreme. And in case you missed it, head here for the first SPE Round Robin Podcast.

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