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I've been dreading this day since December 12th, 2007. That was the day we wrapped up the first-ever Smartphone Round Robin and decided we would hold the event again next year. I hate it! Sure it's entertaining and provides unique and informative content for all you smartphone enthusiasts, but come on... I'm not allowed to use a BlackBerry for a month?! And with the Storm coming out this week?! Getting shot with 100 paintballs for a new Storm looked unbearable, but I'm pretty sure I'd be willing to take 200 paintballs to the chest if it meant I didn't have to do this. But that's not an option, so here we are... Day 1 of this Second Edition of the Smartphone Round Robin. If you don't know what it's all about, be sure to visit SmartphoneRoundRobin.com for all the info: participants, devices, rules, contest prizes, schedule and all the little details!

Round 1: With my Bold now in Dieter's hands, the first "enemy" I'm sleeping with is Palm's new Treo Pro. Unlike the Treo 680 I used last year which ran on the Palm OS, the Treo Pro is running Windows Mobile 6.1. With 3G, GPS and WiFi all in one, the Pro is very much gunning after BlackBerry Bold territory. Does it succeed in that mission? You can watch the video above for this CrackBerry Addict's first impressions! I'll report back later this week with a more in-depth look and some final concluding remarks, but first I need to go bug the good folks in the TreoCentral forums for more tips and tricks! Enjoy the show, and be sure to leave a logged in comment for your chance to win!