Smartphone Round Robin

I think this is the start of a tradition! Last year we extended the Smartphone Round Robin deadline by a week and we're doing the same thing this year! Between the holidays, some shipping delays, getting prepped for January's big events (CES coming up and Dieter/Rene will be hitting up MacWorld too) and just being swamped in general, we're going to keep the Round Robin going until January 10th. This is good news for those who have taken an active role in participating - this gives you an extra 10 days to visit each SPE site to make a comment on a Round Robin post or forum thread to gain an extra contest entry ballot... that's 50 more chances to win!

What's left to come in the Smartphone Round Robin? My Back on the Crack articles! It's time to review the BlackBerry Bold again plus throw it an official welcome home party. Will my perspective on the Bold have changed now that I've tasted the forbidden fruits?? I'm guessing you all know the answer to that, but you'll have to hang on to find out for sure. In the meantime, especially if you've missed out on the Round Robin posts to date, take this opportunity to look at the articles of the past month:

And heck, just to make it easy for you to get one more chance to win a BlackBerry Bold, let's make this an official contest post! Just be logged in and leave a comment and you could win a BlackBerry Bold, Spare Bold Battery and Case Mate Second Skin (thanks Case Mate!!). Need something to comment on? Tell us what your favorite part of the Round Robin has been so far!!!