Round Robin Catch-Up

The Smartphone Round Robin continues... and while I'm playing with the iToy this week (final review coming before end of weekend, see first impressions video here) there's some great BlackBerry coverage for you all to check out. 

Dieter was tied up with CES, so like me was a little late in getting his last review up. Dieter really gave the BlackBerry Bold 9700 and Storm2 some good thought in his final BlackBerry review, so you'll definitely want to jump over to and check it out if you haven't done so yet. There's some shocking and unexpected twists in this one... he praises the Storm2's keyboard and RIPS into our beloved BlackBerry Messenger. Read it here.

And this week it's Phil who's rocking the BlackBerry Bold and Storm2. If you missed his hands-on impressions video, you can check it out here. Be sure to give him a hand on his CrackBerry forum thread and keep your eyes on our Round Robin latest updates page for his final review.