* Update: It's looking like the Tour will be bowing out to the Droid on this one. At least it had a good run, knocking out the iPhone 3GS. So that's it for the BlackBerry Smartphones in this year's Smartphone March Madness. It'll be interesting to see who's in the running next year! *

After the BlackBerry Bold 9700 took an embarrassingly close loss to the Palm Pre Plus in the last round of Laptop's Smartphone March Madness, today it's the BlackBerry Tour going up against the Motorola Droid. The BlackBerry Tour already managed to knock out the Apple iPhone 3GS, which the bookies had favorited to make the finals, so the Tour has momentum going into this battle though it's trailing a little as I put this post live. BlackBerry lovers cast your vote for the Tour above and let's bring that Droid to the ground!