SPE Roundtable

We were planning on recording a CrackBerry Podcast tonight, but instead we're going to step outside our BlackBerry comfort zone and are bringing you a Smartphone Experts Roundtable Livecast!

Members of the SPE crew will take to it Tonight, Wednesday, June 24 at 8pm EDT/5pm PDT. On the show will be SPE Editor-in-Chief, Dieter Bohn (representing PreCentral.net, AndroidCentral.com, and WMExperts.com), Matt Miller (editor of NokiaExperts.com), Rene Ritchie (editor of TheiPhoneblog.com) and yours truly (representing CrackBerry Nation) to talk Palm Pre, Nokia N97, iPhone 3GS/iPhone 3.0, and of course the soon to be released BlackBerry Tour.

The pre-show will start about 5 minutes before if you want to drop by early and reserve a space in our chat room. See you then! Join in via http://www.imore.com/live