Smartlist10 updated with sync feature and more

We reviewed Smartlist10 back in February 2015 and it is my favorite list taking app so far. Mainly for the fact that you can tick things off the list while the app is minimized, due to the fact that it has an interactive Active Frame. You can scroll through the list either by tilting the device or using the volume keys, you would set this option in the app settings. The developer, AgeTDev, has been working on the app and has released a few updates since our review, and it has now reached v2.0.

This latest update brings the ability to sync your lists with others. Great for those times you need to collaborate. Everyone, you share the list with will be able to tick items off or even add more items. Note, though, that this feature is currently in beta. You can take part in the beta by signing up via the app settings. Just type in YES in the field as directed then toggle on the Sync lists option.

From then on you can start sharing lists with others. To share a list, open up the list you want to share, tap the overflow menu (three dots on the bottom right), then tap (Beta) Sync list. You then type the person's BBM Pin and hit Sync & Share. The list will show up in the Synced category, which you can filter too from the menu. When viewing all your lists, synced lists will show up in blue font.

Smartlist10 new features since our review


  • Logo redesign. To streamline with BlackBerry10, a complete revamp of the logo and splashscreen had to be done!
  • Syncrhonization: You can now sync lists with all your fellow SmartList10 users. Once you shared it to their BBM Pin ( No vanity pins yet!! ) they see it and can edit/add things, which will then automatically be synced to your device! All synced lists are displayed in blue. Open the sync category to check for new lists. This feature is in Public Beta for the moment, needs to be turned on in the settings explicitly and needs your help to be improved ! Please head over to the FeedBack Page to share your ideas and suggestions!
  • Latest List is now shown if you minimize the app from main menu. You will see the last opened list in the SmartFrame but it will not be active! If you want to have the active list, minimize the app from within the list.
  • After opening/editing a list, and closing it again, you go back to the category you came from!
  • Synchronization Category introduced. Find all your lists here, and by checking by you will load all the newly shared lists.
  • Superfluous whitespaces removed. E.g. if you copy a recipe and it has large whitespaces to separate ingredients and weights, it's now stripped to be displayed nicely.
  • Bug fixes


  • Minor bugfixes, translation fixes


  • Full encryption of your lists, added another layer of protection. All transmissions are now encrypted and stored safely online!
  • Your pin is now send unencrypted. This change has to be done, to be able to implement push service by BlackBerry. This is not something I can change, so either encrypted Pins, or push
  • Passport Bug where after editing a list, the main menu would display the content of the list and the app had to be restarted to get the functionality back.

One thing the developer notes is that if you're going from v2.0.0.1 to the latest v2.0.1.0, any synced lists will be unsynced due to the new encryption feature added. You would have to resync them. Remember, the Sync list feature is currently in beta, if you're going to try it out, don't forget to give your feedback to the developer, good or bad.

Smartlist10 is available for all BlackBerry 10 smartphones and costs $1.99 but of, course if you're updating, this will be free. If you want to see what Smartlist10 is all about, you can check out our review.

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