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I have a list for everything: groceries, gifts, school supplies, CrackBerry expenses, Budget...the list goes on and on (haha couldn't resist). I was previously using the native Task app on my BlackBerry to keep track of things but have now found a better option. Smart Shopping List by LogicNEXT Software is an all-in-one application that is a must have for those who need to keep multiple lists or track their expenses. With it's simple UI (it is a bit girly on the start-up screen but you can customize it to make it your own) it's easy to navigate through the menus quickly and effeciently. This is NOT just your basic Shopping list app. The features of this app go above and beyond just list management so keep reading after the break for the list of everything included in all 3 versions of this app. There's a choice for every price range.


Smart Shopping Lists

 Smart Shopping List Lite (Free & available for PlayBook as well)

  • Shopping List Creation / Editing / Importing
  • Preset Templates to choose from
  • Sharing features over email and sms with you close ones
  • Facebook Support
  • Forgetting something - Ask your Family and Friends feature
  • Importing from different shopping list

Most Innovative Features:

  • Expense Management
  • Billing Snapshot (Take a picture of receipts to keep track of your expenses)
  • View expense reports (Monthly, yearly and total )
  • Visual help
  • Themes and sounds for you to refresh your app!

Smart Shopping List ($1.99 / $2.99 for PlayBook)

Not only do you get all the options in the Free version but you also get these added features:

  • Create and Save a list with different items

Smart Shopping List Main ScreenSmart Shopping List Pro ($3.99 for all devices)

This is the version you will want if you need to share lists via cross platforms. With the Pro version, you get all the other features mentioned in the previous versions plus the following:

  • Backup & Restore options
  • Access to the cloud portal
  • Option to generate reports via the cloud portal
  • Share lists across platforms with other Smart Shopping List users
  • 7 new preset templates
  • Sharing feature via email & SMS

I've been using this app for the past couple of days on my PlayBook and love it. No issues at all while using it but I was a bit disappointed that the app wasn't available for my 9670. After emailing Customer Service (which is fantastic by the way) not only was I told support was coming for more devices, they even went so far as to notify me the minute it was up and available for download via App World. I now have all 7 devices in my household up and running with Smart Shopping List Pro. The company promises to keep the updates coming and have even gone so far as to notify in App World that a price increase will be coming soon. You can always try out the Lite version without spending a dime just to get a taste of what the app can do. I would highly recommend that if you are a list maker or need to keep track of expenses, that you download this app NOW!

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