If you're not familiar with Slydial , it's a great service that lets you "dial in" to a persons voicemail directly and leave them a message. Great if you're short on time, just want to leave a quick note, or if you are too anxious to talk to that blind date but wanna make sure he/she meets you on time. The service is available by dialing into a number, then entering the mobile number of the person you are trying to reach. Their new BlackBerry beta application makes it easier than before, as you simply start the application, then pick the contact you want to slydial. The app cuts down the steps as you don't have to remember any extra numbers or wait to dial in. The free service is ad supported, so keep in mind you'll have to listen to a short commerical when using the service. A paid version is also available. You can download the beta app OTA here:

* Update/Warning - slydial dials a 732 area number. Be advised their could be long distance charges depending where you are at.