SlingBox Pro-HD and SlingPlayer

Slingbox is bringing a couple of exciting products to the fore in the near future.

First up is High Definition support for the SlingBox Pro. This will allow you to stream 1080i video content to your computers, HDTV's and other remote broadband-connected devices (ahem, perhaps a BlackBerry? I'll get to that shortly...) It will retain for $399.99 and should debut in Q3 of 2008.

Also coming soon is the new SlingPlayer client for our beloved Berry. It will allow us to view HD content on any 3G-capable Wi-Fi equipped BlackBerry. The new client is reported to work over EDGE. The new SlingPlayer for BlackBerry will be available later in the hear and should cost a reasonable $29.99.

We're going to be at CES in Las Vegas next week, and Slingbox will hopefully be showing this along with a new BlackBerry client at the show. We'll keep you posted.