It's puzzle time once again and you'll be pleased to hear that SlideTapPop is supported by all BlackBerry 10 devices which should keep the Q10 and Q5 users happy.

I suppose that SlideTapPop reminds me a wee bit of Tetris although it's totally different. With this game you have rows of colored blocks that fall down and in order to prevent them reaching the top you need to swipe the rows to get three or more colors that match. Then just tap the selected blocks and off they pop. There is a tutorial at the start to get you to grips with things and it's well worth paying attention.

You can also get some assistance in your quest in the form of bombs. As you progress through the levels they randomly pop up on the screen giving you a helping hand.

With retro style graphics and over 140 levels to conquer this one will keep you busy for hours on end. In fact, this may well be one of those games that you see commuters playing on the bus or train as they head to or from work.

SlideTapPop will set you back just under a buck and if you are a puzzle fan it will be money well spent.

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