Slick OSX Theme For Bold And 8900 Devices!

Typically I'm not a fan of OS themes on my BlackBerry devices, especially when it comes to Windows themes (there's just something about a Windows logo on my BlackBerry freaks me out). With that said I have to say I was excited when I installed one of the latest themes from EThemes. Even though it's a Mac OS X theme, it's an amazing looking one.

Icons straight from Mac OS X and integrated options set this theme apart. The 5 user customizable hidden bottom dock icons with a pop up "stacks" option that houses 6 other icons make this a quick access theme. Add in Quicklaunch integration and a Today Plus section and you have the killer combination that is osXHD. Be sure to check this theme out for your BlackBerry Bold or Curve 8900 today, it's sheer beauty. It's available for $3.99.